Keep your data safe!

Recently the activity of cybercriminals has been more visible by trying to fraud customers on various websites. Therefore, we would like to ask you to be especially wary when completing a payment.

A usual activity of cybercriminals is attaching a file that imitates an invoice or asking for a payment with the bank connection and account number being changed to the criminals’ bank account.

To prevent being a victim of a cybercrime we would like to remind you about the following information and procedures at Grena Ltd.


1. Verify the e-mail address

Please check if the e-mail address of the sender is correct and contains no misspellings or unusual numbers.

There should be no misspellings as well as in the first part of the e-mail address e.g. "orders" as well as after the "@" sign, where it should be

Verify also the e-mail addresses placed as copy recipients. Very often the e-mail address from which fraudulent documents are being sent looks very similar to the original address.

2. E-mail Signature / Footer

Please check the information provided in the e-mail footer to see if the information are correct and do not contain any misspellings or unusual numbers.

Please check if the company information are correct (you can compare with the information on our website).

3. Check for suspicious links

Do not click on any link provided in the e-mail that claims to contain the payment documents and don't give our confidential information (without authorizing it with our employee beforehand). This can lead to personal and confidential information being stolen.

4. Verification by call

If you have any suspicion about a fraud, we suggest you check and confirm the invoice you receive before paying by calling our office in Nottingham using the phone numbers provided on our website: +44 115 888 0599.

We hope this short instruction will help you keep your personal and confidential information safe as well as be suspicious of unexpected messages containing payment documents.

Nottingham Office

International Customer Service Centre

Chelsea House, Chelsea Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
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Phone/Fax: +44 115 888 0599