We are happy to inform about the activity of our Jordanian distributor Edificemed, who participated in the the 2nd Jordanian Annual Surgical Clinical Congress, American College of Surgeons Meeting (Region 17) & ATLS Meeting (Region 17).

The event took part on September 7th - 9th, 2017 in Amman, Jordan and proved to be very successful. During this event our distributor Edificemed launched the circular stapler on the Jordanian market and managed to expand the awareness of the Polymer clips.

We are always happy to learn about the creative ways our distributors promote us on their local markets and in Jordan the visitors of the booth had a chance to take part in creative giveaways and taste chocolate out of a mini-sized Polymer Clips box.

During the event, the Jordanian Minister of Health and Director of DRMS (Army) visited our distributors booth, you can find the video of this moment on Facebook.

Photos from the 2nd Jordanian Annual Surgical Clinical Congress

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