Right after the Annual EAU Congress in Stockholm we went to the European Congress of Laparoscopy and Robotics - Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics 2014.

This event was organized under the patronage of the European Association of Urology, as well as the Spanish and Italian Associations. It was a great success! 

During the Congress our exclusive distributor in Spain - DGM Vascular - was presenting our products, which are useful to Urology surgeons.

The main topic of this event were the Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics, with the main focus on demonstrating innovative surgery methods in urological procedures lead by the most prominent Laparoscopic urological Surgeons.

During the surgery demonstrations the participants had a chance to see more than 20 25 in-live operations broadcasted on 3 different screens from 3 different operating rooms, where the operations took place.

We are really happy to inform, that in a large part of the operations our Click'a V polymer clips were used.

The video material during this conference were recorded and we are working on gaining permission from the foundation in Spain and in Italy to present some of the video material from the operations on our website.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our Booth!

For more information and the detailed program please read the Information Brochure of The European Congress of Laparoscopy and Robotics (pdf).

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