The first Uniportal VATS training course in 2020 was held on January 6 - 17th, 2020 in the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital in Shanghai, China.

We are happy about the continuous cooperation with the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital and strongly support the Uniportal VATS Training. This year, we planned seven training courses, each time giving the participants two weeks to learn and observe the best Uniportal VATS surgeons on the planet at one of the busiest Pulmonary Hospitals in the world!

The training programme is being led by Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas, Thoracic surgeon and creator of the uniportal VATS surgery procedure.

About the Uniportal VATS Training

The objective of the Uniportal VATS Training is to offer ongoing education to further develop advanced thoracic surgeons in acquiring confidence in the uniportal VATS Technique. The agenda includes theoretical sessions and a large number of live cases to be observed every day. Participants usually are able to see up to 50-60 VATS surgeries every day in the OR (14 operation rooms). Dr Diego Gonzalez Rivas performes 4-5 uniportal VATS major resections per day during this course.

2020 schedule

The schedule of the Uniportal VATS Training programme in Shanghai for 2020 is aleady announced and available here!

Useful videos

The ever so evolving technology makes it easier to watch interesting cases not only in the OR, but also on you mobile or laptop, basically everywhere. We selected a few interesting recources for staying on top of your VATS-game!

Make sure to follow Diego Gonzalez-Rivas YouTube channel, where you will find interesting videos, also featuring the Uniportal VATS Training.

Fifth anniversary of the Uniportal VATS training at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital

Click on the image or on the following link to watch:

Uniportal VATS training

Photos from the Uniportal VATS Training - January 2020

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