Dr Ivan Schewitz the leading cardiothoracic surgeon from Johannesburg, Rerpublic of South Africa authorised a publication in the Journal of Visualized Surgery about the first lobectomy in Africa - "Uniportal lobectomy in Africa: a beginning". You can read the whole article here.

Dr Schewitz is a huge supporter of the Uniportal VATS procedure and was a participant in the courses led by Dr Diego Gonzalez Rivas.

He has also organized the the South African Thoracic Society Annual Conference in August 2015 (you can read the summary here) and planned the event flawlessly!

We will be returning to South Africa in 2016, details will follow soon!

You can watch the 2015 VATS procedures organized by Dr Schewitz and performed by Dr Diego Gonzalez Rivas below.

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