UPDATE: Matt won the gold medal! More info coming soon to the Grena Talents Forge blog!

We are proud to inform that our supported Grena Talents Forge athlete - Mateusz Malina - will today attempt a dive in a very challenging diving discipline CWF.

A few words about CWF:

Constant weight without fins is a freediving discipline in which the freediver descends and ascends by swimming without the use of fins or without pulling on the rope or changing his ballast; only a single hold of the rope to stop the descent and to start the ascent is allowed. Constant weight without fins is the depth discipline of freediving that is most challenging, because of the physical effort needed to swim without assistance.

For Matt, this is a big challenge he's facing. At home he has access to pools and a 35m meter depth lake, where he can train depth freediving. This is not comparable to depths athletes reach in competitions. To prepare for this competition, he went to Kas, Turkey a few weeks before the competition, to adapt his body and training methods to the local conditions.

We are looking forward to how this competition will go and wish him best of luck!

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