Monofilament polypropylene hernia mesh

The knitted hernia mesh is especially designed for the tissue reinforcement in hernia repair, eventrations and prolapses through laparoscopic or conventional laparotomy surgical approach.

2D hernia meshes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. User can choose from pre-cut ones for direct use or he can cut them at a specific shape himself. Three types of meshes with different braid resulting in different elasticity level can are available.

PMM meshes are more elastic while PMP are more rigid. PMM are also offered as 3D for special purposes.

Highly-flexible, LMA-type meshes are light-weight products intended for specific applications.

Depending on customer's requirements meshes can be cut to any desired size and shape.

Some time ago we introduced new shapes of the PMM Type of Monofilament polypropylene hernia mesh: Cone (3D), arrow with side hole, Arrow with central hole. 

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