Great results at a fraction of the cost. We upgraded our product and the reusable circular stapler comes now in a fresh new version.

The reusable Circular Stapler is used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, surgical treatment of obesity and in colo-rectal surgery, to perform end-to-end, side-to-end and side-to-side anastomoses. This type of stapler is available as one universal curved instrument compatible with any cartridge size.

The stapler utilized titanium staples in circular staggered assembly of two concentric rings inside the staples-containing disposable cartridge. The circular blade automatically cuts off any tissue excess during staple release and creation of circular anastomosis.

The stapler can be easily operated by complete squeeze of the trigger handle. Dimension of anastomosis is defined by the size of the selected circular staples-containing cartridge. Compact construction and modern design concordant with modern standards ensure patient's and user's safety.

Disposable cartridges available in 4 diameters:

25 mm
27 mm
29 mm
32 mm

Key features:

  • compact non-detachable construction with open casing to allow washing and disinfection without disassembling
  • one universal stapler body compatible with any cartridge size
  • large indicator window with scale for easy evaluation of the slot between anvil and cartridge head
  • safety lock to avoid unwitting trigger squeeze
  • each single use cartridge with dedicated disposable anvil

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