Cartridges for automatic clip appliers are intended to be exclusively used with Microline™ Reusable Automatic Clip Applier M/L-10 Ref 1002.

Key features:

  • Cross-patern design of clip’s inner serrations
  • Precise sequential distal – proximal closing
  • Sterile and disposable
  • Ergonomically designed collective box

10 or 19 ML clips are preloaded in the stainless steel catridge body. Highly biocompatible titanium was used to manufacture clips. Their presisely serrated inner surface guarantees ultimate stability on the vessel. Tips first closure sequence retains maximum tissue between clip’s legs and prevents tissue slippage during closing. Color coded last two clips inform surgeon about necessity to change cartridge. Collective box containing 10 cartridges designed as convenient dispenser enhances user’s satisfaction.

Available sizes:

Size ML
Cartridge fo Automatic Clip Applier, 10 clips
Size ML
Cartridge fo Automatic Clip Applier, 19 clips

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