Ergonomically designed for the safe and hygienic collection of vomit in stationary use and on the move.

Easy to hold and simple to dispose of, the Vomit Bag surpasses the kidney dish for safety and functionality minimizing the chance of cross infection as well as eliminating clothes and bed linen contamination.

With easy to hold hard plastic rim that fits perfectly over patients’ mouth, the Vomit Bag completely holds vomit.

The vomit Bag protects staff and patients, and reduces cleaning costs.
The vomit Bag features volume markings with extra low volume scale to allow precise monitoring of fluid loss. Twist and seal lock traps odour and content.
Pre-gelled version solidifies and encapsulates fluids eliminating the need to transport biohazardous vomits in liquid form and minimizing the possibility of spreading them on the surfaces. It also reduces unpleasant odour.

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