Grena Ltd.

What we do

Grena Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

Our focus is on patients’ safety and users’ comfort we offer cost-effective quality products.

Our range consists of stapling instruments (including circular staplers, linear staplers and skin staplers), ligating clips, surgical meshes,endoscopic instruments and consumable medical products for general surgery like thoracentesis/paracentesis sets, connecting tubes, insuflaction needles, retrieval bags, suction sets and chest drainage systems.

We are proud of maintaining our certified quality management system based on EN ISO13485:2003 that helps us to serve our clients better. We are proud to have TÜV Rheinland, Germany as our Notified Body.

Genuine products

With our increased global presence Grena products were targeted by some low-cost followers who intended to place very similar products on the market.

Having received several reports on of this activity, we decided to protect our customers clearly distinguish between the genuine Grena products and the fake ones. Please keep in mind only the genuine Grena products offer patients' and users' safety.

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Keep your data safe!

Recently the activity of cybercriminals has been more visible by trying to fraud customers on various websites. Therefore, we would like to ask you to be especially wary when completing a payment.

A usual activity of cybercriminals is attaching a file that imitates an invoice or asking for a payment with the bank connection and account number being changed to the criminals’ bank account.

To prevent being a victim of a cybercrime we would like to remind you about the following information and procedures at Grena Ltd.

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Anti Bribery Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct

We have published our new Anti Bribery Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct.

Below you can find both of those documents as .pdf files.

Grena LTD - Anti-Bribery Policy

Grena LTD - Code of Ethical Conduct in Business

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London Office


1000 Great West Road, Brentford, London
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 208 263 5511
Fax: +44 208 263 5510

Nottingham Office


Chelsea House, Chelsea Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 115 9704 800
Fax: +44 131 777 80 77

Proud member of

  London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

 TUV certificate     Grena 25 years