At the beginning of October, we invited our distributors to meet us in Poland.

We are incredibly pleased that so many of you came to the meeting and we regret that due to some difficulties in getting visas some of you couldn't join us.

The meeting proved useful to all participants and all our goals were met! We had the pleasure to welcome nearly 50 guests!

We used this opportunity to show that Grena, as a company, is first and foremost people! Now all participants know not only the e-mail addresses of the Export Team, but also the faces behind those contacts.

The participants also met other departments that make Grena work - legal department, Innovative Engineering, Biomedical Products R&D, Regulatory Department. A short trip to the Prototype Lab and the Biomedical Lab and some information about the future plans as well as a short visit to the Warehouse, coupled with some product training was also in the programme. It was a pleasure to discuss our business matters with our distributors- some of them came a long way to participate in our meeting, literally from the other side of the world.

Thank you for coming and we hope we will meet again... next year?

Photos from the meeting


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