Dr. Hussein Elkhayat of the Faculty of Medicine, Assuit University Hospital in Assuit, Egypt performed in February 2017 an innovative surgery procedure.

Based on his experience gathered during last year's Shanghai Uniportal VATS workshop in April, Dr. Elkhayat performed one hundred VATS surgeries in Egypt since then, many of them being Uniportal VATS.

This month Dr. Hussein Elkhayat performed a surgery that is a novelty not only in Egypt, but in the whole world! The first simultaneous Uniportal VATS lobectomy and pectus repair were performed on an 8-year-old child and we are really happy that our ligating clips proved useful during this procedure!

We would like to congratulate the surgeons and the operation team for a successful innovative surgery procedure!

Dr. Hussein Elkhayat says:

"Utilizing the thoracoscopic approach for an additional cardiac or pulmonary disease simultaneously with MIRPE must be the procedure of choice for such situations, to maximize the potential effects of minimally invasive surgery. Our case is one of the very few examples of such combined procedures reported so far, and we believe this approach will gain wide approval."

You can watch a video presenting the case and the techniques used on Youtube

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