During last weeks' European Pool Championships organized by the CMAS in Istanbul, Turkey our sponsored freediver Matt Malina proved the impossible once again.

He managed to surpass the 300m mark in monofin dynamics (DYN), which means he swam 316.53m in 5 minutes and 15 seconds. This is something no man (or woman) has ever done on this planet!

As Matt says himself is his Facebook-page statement:

Let it be an inspiration to you all, limits are only in our heads. I couldn’t dream about this result many years ago but hard work, dedication, countless sacrifices, constantly digging into and questioning current methods of training, lots and lots of patience, infinite curiousness of discovering human body limits made this dream become a reality. This is not the end of the road. This is just the beginning of new era in pool freediving. Dive safe and enjoy the blue.

As the summer unfolds, the season starts for freedivers and also Matt will join the best freedivers in the world during this years' depth competitions that are coming up in the following months.

You can find the current news about Matt Malina on his Facebook page (in Polish and English).

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