And so the time has come. After being postponed twice one of the most important events for Thoracic Surgery in the world begins on Thursday, 30th of June - The 7th International Uniportal VATS Course in Potsdam.

The event takes place as usual in The Ernst von Bergmann Clinic.

This three-day symposium will address the “Limitless Potential in Thoracic Surgery” of Uniportal VATS through lectures, discussions and video sessions on the first day.

The first part of the second day will include Live Surgery of Uniportal VATS, and the second part will be a drylab.

The third day of this symposium is a Hands-on class (Wetlab) for a limited group of participants.

As always the extensive international presence is expected as well as the highest level of training.

This course is being supervised by one the most renowned specialists in Thoracic Surgery : dr. Mahmoud Ismail and dr. Diego Gonzales Rivas - long time partners and hosts of this fantastic masterclass.

The list of faculty speakers is very long and as expected includes only first-class specialists in Thoracic Surgery.

We are present there in partnership with our long time partner and distributor IFM Gerbershagen IFM Gerbershagen

We are participating in this course also in partnership with Scanlan International

Learn more about the course at Scanlan International

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