Once again CMAS Masters World Indoor Freediving Championship took place. This year's edition was held in Belgrade, Serbia.

130 athletes from 28 countries took part in the competition including Grena Freedivers Team:

Magdalena Solich-Talanda, Julia Kozerska and Mateusz Malina

Polish Freedivers Team

It is no suprise that they brought back a set of 6 medals in total. 2 x Bronze, 4x Silver, 3x Gold:

Julia Kozerska - gold, silver, bronze

Magdalena Solich-Talanda - silver, silver, bronze

Mateusz Malina - gold, gold, silver

Mateusz Malina

During the event 5 new records were broken and 2 of them are due to Polish Grena ambassadors!

The world records have been set in Senior's Category by Julia Kozerska and Mateusz Malina

This makes us proud and honored to be a part of their sports activity.

Polish freedivers: Magdalena, Julia and Mateusz constantly show us that great talent ignited by hard work and dedication makes the dreams come true.

Grena would like to thank the whole tam for the dediaction, positive vibe and for showing a good example of untamed passion.

Mateusz Malina Freediver
Julia Kozerska

Magdalena Solich Talanda
2022 CMAS WORLD FREEDIVING INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP was archived and the course of the competition can be viewed on the YouTube channel:

Highlights of every day also can watch at the links:


We keep our fingers crossed for the next successes of our Polish Freedivers Team!

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