Were are lucky yet again to be present where the history is being made.

On the last day of Vertical Blue 2022 diving event in the Bahamas our Partner Mateusz Malina has done a spectacular set of a new World Record in FIN (Free Immesrsion) discipline by diving into a depth of 127 meters, the greatest depth ever achieved in this discipline regardless of the Federation!

In this discipline the diver uses only a wetsuit and a small amount of weight during the attempt. In case of this discipline, the diver can only use the guide rope for propulsion.

Mateusz has dominated the competition and is an MVP of the event with a total score of over 300 !

On the day 2 of this event Mateusz has also broke another national record by reaching 124 meters also in FIN discipline.

On the day 4 Mateusz broke yet another national record in the Constant Weight competition by diving to a depth of 123 meters.

On the day 6 Mateusz broke another national record by reaching 90 meters in a CNF competition

No other competitor performed such a deep dives on this event regardless of the discipline.

Mateusz Malina

Follow Mateusz on the social media:

Matt Malina Freediving Matt_Malina

To learn more about the competition visit:

Vertical Blue

Yet again, Mateusz has proven that he is on the top of the world

It is an honor for us to support a champion.

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