We care about important things here at Grena.

Environment and nature is among them.

The health of ecosystems is deteriorating fast caused by human activity. Forests play a major role in the fight against climate change, at the same time deforestation still satisfy huge appetite of paper industry. UN estimated 420 million ha of forest has been lost worldwide since 1990, the annual rate in the 2015–2020 period is 10 million ha.

According to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/2226, instructions for use for medical devices may be provided electronically instead of paper format. It is a great opportunity to follow the pro-ecological initiatives.

Grena has decided to switch partially to electronic Instructions For Use.

Starting from this year's LOT numbers only an English version of paper IFU will be delivered with the product. It will, however, include a QR code which will take you to our E-IFU page where you will be able to choose foreign languages and download the Instructions.

You can also access the E-IFU page via our website.

This solution will be beneficial both to nature and our end-users.

E-IFU is always up-to-date and the latest version is at hand. Simply scanning the QR code on the product Label takes you directly to the IFU. Unlike printed IFU, you can enlarge it for better readability.

The IFUs in foreign languages will be added successively.

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