We love talents here at Grena.
Do you know what we love even more?
Helping the talents!

When we’ve heard that in our Nottingham there are 2 very talented young skaters, David and Hubert Moszczyńscy, who were taking their first steps on the ice rink in the speed skating discipline, we immediately decided that we should support them.
David (on the left) and Hubert (on the right) Moszczyński

As the 2022/2023 season has recently ended and the awards for past achievements have been handed out, we would like to introduce you to their profiles.

Here’s the brief story:

Everything has begun when the oldest son (33 years old at the moment) starter to ski on covered ice rinks (there are 2 big ice rinks here in Nottingham). For his activities, he started to bring both his parents and younger brothers, who got interested in and started actively skating on their own. During one of their attendance, a group of professional speedskaters came to the ice rink and Hubert watched them train. He wanted to try it himself as he really liked it. The younger brother decided, that he also wanted to try short track.

Currently boys are constantly progressing, they are among the top youngsters and they have great chance to enter senior English national team. The next stop is access to SSPP – Speed Skating Performance Program – which would allow them to train with English Olympics team.

At the end of June (30.06) there was a Club Presentation, that is, a summary of the season and distribution of awards for club competitions.
Our athletes achieved great successes, reaching first places in their respective age categories: Hubert – Junior C Men and David – Junior D Men.
Additionally, David won the unanimous title of Skater of the Season, for the greatest progress and achievement in Short Track.
Summer season is upon the boys, and what follows – cycling trainings, gym and ice rink trainings, obviously.

We are honored to be able to contribute to such a wonderful development of future potential olympic representatives of England. We hope that next year they will not only match their achievements from this year, but will be more and more successful.

At the same time we are proud to have our Talents expanded by Hubert and David – we are confident this is the beginning of an exciting and successful journey.

Good luck in 2023/2024 season, boys!

David with Junior D Men and Skater of the season Awards

Hubert with Junior C Men award

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