Exciting news from the Great Britain Championship 2024!

Our short track stars from Grena Talents programme – Hubert and David – demonstrated their abilities in speed skating.

Hubert secured an impressive 2nd place, achieving personal best with 2-second improvement in the 500m and an incredible nearly 4-second leap in the 1000m run.

Meanwhile, David claimed 3rd place, showcasing consistent growth by breaking his personal records on all three runs.

In addition to their outstanding performance, both boys exhibited exceptional resilience and endurance. Despite facing challenges from competitors pushing around on the ice, both Hubert and David maintained their balance flawlessly, not falling once. That’s the result of dedication and hard work during last month’s trainings.

We are looking forward to the future challenges of our Talents and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the next competition on 20th of January in Guildfrord!

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