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Connecting tubes manufactured by Grena Ltd. are intended to guarantee patients’ safety and users’ comfort. They are made of standard PVC what ensures full convenience of medical personnel in using the product.

Various tubing length, internal diameters and types of connectors ensure every user is able to find the product that best fits his needs.

The tubes preserve permeability until under-pressure of 560 mmHg.

Products are sterile yet they can be offer as non-sterile as well.

Option with semi-conductor line is available for the most demanding users.
Large selection of available connectors includes standard female, large female, catheter and taper.

Innovative Vacu stop connector (available as standard and paediatric) offer new level of comfort to the user.

The tube length available ranges from 1,8 to 3,8m (with 2m and 3m being the most popular).

The internal diameter of the tube offered includes 5, 6 and 7mm.
To meet the client’s requirements non-standard sizes can be available as well.

Cut-off type connecting tube is made of PVC and is available in three internal diameters (5, 6 and 7mm).

Cross-cut of double connector located every 90 or 180 cm allows preparing of the tube of desired length within seconds.

Both ends are equipped with standard female connectors for fast and easy coupling with any medical apparatus.

Can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation.

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