Long-lasting performance. Grena offers an extensive selection of reusable detachable monopolar laparoscopic instruments available as well as in standard and bariatric lengths.

Variety of jaw patterns of reusable inserts of scissors, graspers and dissectors makes the most complicated minimally invasive procedures possible. These include such specialities like General, Bariatric, Colorectal, Urological and Gynaecological surgery.

Precise performance makes Grena laparoscopic instruments the leading choice for surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery.

Key features:

  • modular design
  • cost effective
  • shaft insulation
  • comfort and performance
  • 5mm shaft

Modular design

Instruments may be customized for each user as well as easily completely disassembled for effective cleaning and decontamination by the sterile processing staff.

Sterilization of fully assembled instrument provides the OR staff with ready to use instruments.

Cost effective

Compatibility and interchangability of all handles, shafts and inserts allow for long term cost savings by replacing or repair only necessary, less costly components, instead of the entire instrument.


Shaft insulation ensures durability, longer instrument life, increased patient safety and reduced maintenance costs.

Robust material maintains integrity during multiple sterilization cycles.

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