Click'aV® Open Surgery Clip Appliers for an ergonomic and easy approach in open surgery procedures.

Key features:

  • available for Medium, Medium-Large, Large and Extra-Large non-absorbable Click'aV® clips to be used on large spectrum of tissue sizes
  • 20 cm, 27 cm, 27 cm 70° angled clip appliers with properly sized jaws
  • non-detachable design for easier maintenance and durability
  • made of high quality stainless steel
  • colour-coded rings matching cartridge hue
  • compatible with corresponding sizes of Click'aV® polymer non-absorbable clips

Available sizes:

20 cm, 27 cm applier length
20 cm, 27 cm applier length
20 cm, 27 cm applier length
20 cm, 27 cm applier length

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