2nd generation Polymer Clips with "ABS", the Click'aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips are implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer to ensure a high level of biocompatibility along with the structural and dimensional stability over time, necessary for long-lasting patient safety.
The inner surface of the legs of the Click'aV Plus™ polymer ligating clip has staggered opposed teeth arrangement inclined towards the gripped tissue.

Click'aV Plus™

Click'aV Plus™ - 2nd generation polymer ligating clip

If you know what (ABS) means in your car, you will love our new Click'aV Plus™ ligating clip!
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Click'aV Plus™ is like "ABS" in your car - works as usual in an everyday setting, but saves lives in difficult cases

The clips are designed to combine the speed of the metal clip with outstanding security comparable to 2.0 suture. This combination leads to extreme time savings.

In a number of procedures, Click'aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips successfully replace endostaplers or the harmonic scalpel. combining highest security level with cost savings.

Equally important is the low interference with CT scanning, radiolucency in X-rays and the great safety in MRIs resulting in the lack of artifacts.

Every clip is fitted with the hinge and the latch tested in thousands of procedures.

Key features:

  • atraumatic two ways stabilisation on the tissue
  • easy loading system
  • increased lateral stability - no tendency of sliding off a vessel under pressure or manuipulation in the operating field
  • removers available to unlock the clip
  • clips delivered in color-coded cartridges for easy identification
  • 6 clips per cartridge
  • 20 cm, 27 cm, 27 cm 70° angled clip appliers with properly sized jaws
  • color-coded applier rings for easy identification
  • compatible with corresponding Click'aV® Appliers

Available sizes:

3 -10 mm Tissue bundle size range
5 - 13 mm Tissue bundle size range
7 - 16 mm Tissue bundle size range
10 - 22 mm Tissue bundle size range

New Click'aV Plus™ clips were specifically designed for:

  • large vessels with increased pressure
  • locations with difficult access or reduced visibility
  • locations where manipulation in the operation field results in higher risk of mechanical clips displacement

Watch the Click'aV Plus™ Introduction

The video can also be viewed on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Z9EZcw7R6M8

Click'aV Plus™ Extended Video

The video can also be viewed on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/OoavD_j_Y5M

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