For more security we equipped our laparoscopic appliers with a breakthrough safety system - H•E•R•O™. H•E•R•O™ system prevents from too much force to be transferred to the applier jaws protecting the tissues as well as the device.

Highly focused on patient’s safety

H•E•R•O™ stands for High Energy Override.
In some cases, too much pressure can damage blood vessel doing harm to the patient. In response we designed an innovative pressure control system so that operator can focus on applying the clip without considering the closing force.
Our new technology is a safety system that reduces the mechanical force protecting the tissue during the procedure.

H•E•R•O™ technology protects the tissue, the clip and the applier from damage making the procedure more secure for the patient as well as the operator.

Available sizes:

5 mm shaft diameter
5 mm shaft diameter

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