All the unique features of Click’aV Plus™ – second generation non-absorbable clips are now available for the thick tissues which no other clip on the market can effectively close.

Safe and minimally invasive solution even for the most challenging cases

Enlarged teeth provide unparalleled transverse and longitudinal stability on the tissue. Due to the reinforced structure clip keeps dimensional stabilty and remains safely closed on the thickest structures. With Click’aV Plus™ XXL size surgeon can extend the range of economical benefits in procedures performed on extremely thick tissues by replacing expensive endostaplers or harmonic scalpel with the same safe, but cost effective technique.
Availability of both endo and open surgery appliers allows Click’aV Plus XXL™ clips to be used in wide range of procedures. Endoapplier and clip design is optimized to pass 10 mm access port what is great advantage comparing to 12 or 15 mm required for endostaplers.

Key features:

  • closes structures between 10 and 22 mm through 10 mm trocar
  • unlimited hold-on time
  • 2, 3 or 4 clips per cartridge
  • robust clip design
  • low interference with CT scanning
  • radiolucent in X-rays
  • MRI safe
  • self-leading lock
  • living hinge
  • adhesive backing of the cartridge
  • ultimate clip stability in the applier and on the tissue
  • color-coded cartridges and appliers for easy identification
  • compatible with XXL size open and endoappliers

New XXL Click'aV Plus™ clips are specifically designed for:

  • large vessels with increased pressure
  • locations with difficult access or reduced visibility
  • locations where manipulation in the operation field results in higher risk of mechanical clips displacement

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