The retrieval Bag
is a disposable device used as a receptacle for the collection and extraction of tissue specimens such as the appendix, gallbladder, ovaries, fibroid tumors, other tissues and calculi during laparoscopic surgical procedures.

The retrieval bag is comprised of a flexible plastic bag slipped on the shape memory wire which facilitates opening after deployment in the body cavity and maintaining it in a fully open position.

The bag is located in a plastic deployment tube but not permanently attached to it, so it does not block the trocar and allows using after bag deployment. The bag can stay inside the body cavity and be filled with tissue a few times during the whole surgical procedure and removed just before surgery is completed.

Available volumes:

  • 200 ml - color code white
  • 400 ml - color code blue
  • 800 ml - color code green
  • 1200 ml - color code yellow

The device is available in four sizes with large opening, passing through 10 mm trocar.

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