Reusable trocars are used in general surgery, gynaecology, urology and thoracic surgery as convenient access ports for endoscopic instruments.

Sharp, pyramidal and blunt mandrel tips fit surgeon’s requirements. The vast range of available sizes enables the use of instruments from 4,5 mm to 12,2 mm in diameter.
The Luer-lock port allows connection of insufflation tube via one way stopcock or directly to the port. The one-way valve prevents leakage of gas while changing instruments. Funnel-shaped instrument seal keeps intraabdominal positive pressure when instrument is inserted.
Atraumatic to the tissue corrugated surface of the cannula prevents unintentional pulling cannula out of the body wall.

As much as possible we try to follow the pro-ecological concept of 4R:

REUSE - Exchanging disposables with modern reusable devices allows to seriously reduce the amount of generated medical waste. With the same functionality reusable devices can serve their purpose for much longer offsetting the environmental footprint by reducing the volume of non-recyclable hazardous medical waste. Switching to reusable products has a very positive financial result reducing the cost of equipment per procedure.

Reusable trocars

Key features:

  • 3 types of mandrel: Pyramidal, Pencil Point Sharp, Pencil Point Blunt
  • Diameter of matching instruments: 4,5mm – 5,2mm (trocar 5mm), 9,5mm – 10,2mm (trocar 10mm), 11,5mm – 12,2mm (trocar 12mm)
  • Ergonomic design - easy to use
  • Made of high quality light weight steinless steel
Reusable trocars key features

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