Eliminates the need to transport biohazardous fluids in liquid form and minimizes the possibility of spreading these fluids on the surfaces.

It solidifies and encapsulates up to 40 - 200 times its own weight blood, blood components and fluids with wide ranges of pH and electrolyte concentrations.
It is the essential product used to minimize risk of direct contact with liquid potentially septic substances for health care workers.

Available in bins or sachets made of water soluble foil for the user convenience.

There is no need to open sachets before they are dropped into the liner – after about 1 to 5 minutes the foil dissolves and content is released into the liquid, starting it’s action.

Standard 25g sachet made of soluble material and 2kg bins are available.

Note: The pictures above are only meant to demonstrate the action of the sachet dissolving and the agent starting to solidify the containers' content. Please note that in a real-life situation, the sachet should be placed in a disposable container bag.

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