The products can be used for blood and other fluids removal during open surgery while the product is connected to an external source of suction.

Available sets:

  • Rigid cannula suction set
  • Rigid bulb cannula suction set
  • Standard cannula suction set
  • Mini cannula suction set

Available customizations:

  • shape: curved or straight
  • suction control: with or without
  • size ranging from 12 - 32 (in Charier scale)
  • internal diameter of tube: 6 or 7 mm (5mm in the mini suction set)
  • Length of tube: 200, 210, 300, 350, 380 [cm]
  • Pieces for box: 22, 24, 26, 30 (mini), 36 (mini)

The suction sets consist of any suction cannula and any tubing.
The product can be delivered as the cannula itself or with attached tubing.
The tube can be fitted with large, small or none female connector.
The cannula can be attached to any Yankauer connecting tube.
The suction cannulas can be fitted with a bulb or not.
The product is disposable, sterilised with EO.
All suction sets with Yankauer cannulas are also available without grid.

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